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Access is restricted

Postby davew » Wed Apr 08, 2015 7:04 pm

This forum does not allow any guest access, or any posting by members before authorisation from an administrator.
Membership is and will remain restricted to NPC members only.

If you are a member and you wish to join, please register and wait for authorisation from an admin.
If you have a picky email provider (AOL, etc), it is possible that emails from the forum will get blocked by your provider. In such an eventuality, checking to see if you can login is worth a try after a suitable interval of silence has elapsed.

Usernames should be chosen to identify you to the other forum users. In a private forum such as this, there's no obvious value in cryptic or anonymising names

Contact details that are not recognised will result in application being rejected. To avoid this happening please ensure the NPC secretary has your latest details!

If you are a club member and you are having difficulties registering, email dave wilson (address on club address list)

Currently, to try and curb bogus registrations from spammers and scammers, there's a question asked as part of the login process which members will either know the answer to, or can easily find out from other members.

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